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Linda Horowitz | Jim Schar | Conductors 1973-1998

Musical Directors 1973-1998

  • 1973 1980 Doris Cross Currently professor at Yale University, USA
  • 1980 1985 Marcel Seminara At that time choir director at the Alte Oper opera theater in Frankfurt, currently choir director at the Communal Theater in Bologna, Italy
  • 1985 1989 Melvin Brown - Deceased 2007
  • 1989 1993 Linda Horowitz - First female choir director in Germany at the Theater of the City of Heidelberg
  • 1993 1998 Eberhard Friedrich At that time choir director at the City Theater in Wiesbaden, currently choir director at the Staatsoper opera house in Berlin under Daniel Barenboim and choir director of the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth
  • since 1998 Linda Horowitz

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