Concert Timeline

Zu den Höhepunkten der langen Chorgeschichte gehören:

2018: Ballades of Diversity


Under the motto “Ballads of Diversity” the concert referred to the 14th Amendment, which regulated the equal rights of all races in the US exactly 150 years ago. The songs tell of people who supposedly or indeed stand or stand apart from a social mainstream. Piano: David Andruss. Clarinet: Nicolai Pfeffer. Baritone: Sebastian Kitzinger. Director: Carsten Rupp.

2018: Bernstein – Beatles – Berlin

In this concert the GACC gave insight into its large bandwidth of musical styles as a choir and showed its many talented soloists, as it sang in tribute to the three exquisite composers Bernstein, Beatles and Berlin. Soloists: Birgit Henkel, Kirsten Ruesges, Martin Stöwer,Meinderd Zwart. Instruments: Samuel Bilder, Benedikt Fox, Ute Stefan, Daniel Vargas. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2017: Misatango

The GACC presented the tango-Chorale “Misatango” by the Argentine composer Martin Palmeri. With the passions and the favorable wistful sounds of “Misatango”, Martin Palmeri has succeeded in creating a wonderful composition from the Nordic Chorale text and Argentine tango Nuevo. Soloist: Delina Hajra-Gashi. Piano: Mariana Römer-Litzmann. Accordion: Veronika Todorowa. Orchestra: Tango Game. Director: Kushtrim Gashi.

2017: Oh, die Frauen

The GACC presented choir works for, by and over woman. Soloists: Corinne Brill, Birgit Henkel, Martin Stöwer. Piano: Jim Schar. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2016: Four Centuries of American Choral Music

In a project with members of the ESOC Chorus the GACC presented American choral music. Soloists: Kristen Ruesges & Martin Stöwer. Organ: Kathleen Bird. Direction: James Schar.

2016: Franz Schubert – Messe in Es Dur

The GACC presented the Mass in Eb Major by Franz Schubert and songs by Eric Whitacre and Leonard Cohen with the Südhessisches Kammerensemble. Soloists: Kristen Ruesges, Agata Siebert, Yichao Wang, Mathias Schlachter, Peter Schüler. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2015: GACC Goes Hollywood

The GACC presented Hollywood songs at Dr. Hoch´s Konservatorium Frankfurt. Piano: Benedikt Fox. Director: Jim Schar.

2015: Klassische Chorwerke mit Klavier

The GACC presented choir works by Rheinberger, Schubert, Faure´ and Copland in the Frauenfriedenskirche, Frankfurt. Soloists: Kristen Ruesges, Sharron Powell, Huan Choel Ahn, Michael Terada. Piano: Jim Schar. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2014: Sounds of Africa & A Caribbean Mass

The GACC performed African songs and the Caribbean Mass by Glenn McClure at the Concert hall in Frankfurt-Bornheim. Steel Drums: Glenn McClure. Soloists: Kristen Ruesges & Martin Stoewer. Musical Direction: Jim Schar.

2014: Bach Meets Sax

The GACC presented “Jesu meine Freude” and works by Messiaen, Bruckner and Mendelsohn Bartholdy with the Darmstädter Saxophonquartett. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2013: Ein Deutsches Requiem

The GACC performed Ein Deutsches Requiem by Brahms at the Frauenfriedenskirche in Frankfurt. Soloists: Hanna Ramminger, Peter Schüler. Orchestra: The Südhessische Chamber-Ensemble. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2012: Annelies

The GACC performed “Annelies”, a musical adaptation of the diary of Anne Frank by James Whitbourn and other Jewish choral and ensemble works, centering on the “Queen of Klezmer” Irith Gabriely with her quartet “Colalaila Classic”. Musical Director: Linda Horowitz

2012: “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte…”

In a joint project with the ESOC Choir Darmstadt the GACC presented German and American songs in the Saalbau Frankfurt-Bornheim. Piano: Kathleen Bird. Soprano: Laurie Reviol. Director: Jim Schar.

2011: Mass of the Children

The GACC presented the Mass of the Children by John Rutter and choral music by other British composers with the Frankfurt International School Youth Choir. Soloists: Kristen Ruesges, Peter Schüler. Orchestra: Rhein-Main Kammerensemble. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2011: American Classics

The GACC performed American Classics in Frankfurt-Bornheim. Piano: Yuriy Sich. Direction: Jim Schar.

2010: Petit Messe Solennelle

The GACC performed Rossini’s “Petit Messe Solennelle” at the Frauenfriedenskirche in Frankfurt. Piano: Jim Schar. Accordion: Christiane Lüder. Soloists: Janet O’Donovan, Cecelia Stearman, Wolfram Wittekind, Peter Schüler. Director: Linda Horowitz. Additionally, members of the GACC performed Rossini’s “Petit Messe Solennelle” with the Orpheus Choir of Bangkok under the musical direction of Somtow Sucharitkul.

2010: Love – Love – Love

The GACC presented a choral tribute to the Beatles! Piano: Bernhard Kießig. Director: Jim Schar.

2009: Brahms Neue Liebeslieder & other love songs

The GACC presented Lovesongs by Brahms and others in the concert hall Frankfurt-Bornheim. Piano: Jim Schar and Margret Busby. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2009: Fauré “Requiem”

The GACC presented Faure´s Requiem in the Frauenfriedenskirche, Frankfurt. Soloists: Annika Gerhards, Kristen Ruesges, Björn Bürger. Director: Jim Schar.

2008: Strictly Deutsch

The GACC presented a ramble through German music of the last decades. Piano: Bernhard Kießig and The Academic Project. Director: Jim Schar.

2008: Lyrische Klänge

The GACC presented music by Karl Jenkins, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler and Knut Nystedt with the Südhessisches Kammerensemble. Soloist: Christopher Sladdin. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2007: H.M.S. Pinafore

The GACC presented H.M.S. Pinafore as a semi-theatrical performance in the concert hall Frankfurt-Bornheim under direction of Jim Schar. The comic opera belonged to one of the most popular pieces of the composers Gilbert & Sullivan when the song “A British Tar” found its way into the modern film world. This song was sung in the Star Trek movie “The Uprising”, as well as in Indiana Jones (“The Last Crusade”).

2007: Die Schöpfung

The GACC presented “Die Schöpfung” by Haydn in Frankfurt as well as in Vietnam (Hanoi and Saigon). Soloists: Ein Hye Lee, Seung-Hee Jing, Ki-Hyoung Kim, Jung Tack Park. Orchestra of the Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2006: Elias

The GACC performed Mendelssohn’s “Elias” with soloists Elisabeth Schmock (soprano), Irmhild Wicking (alto), Mark Bowman-Hester (tenor) and Johannes-Martin Kränzle (bass) and the Prague Symphony Orchestra “Bohemia”. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2006: Pop goes Classic

Under the title Pop Goes Classic the GACC presented a broad variety of songs from classical to pop music. Piano: Patrick Chestnut. Director: Jim Schar. 

2005: Missa für Pipes, Phones, Voices & Drums

The GACC performed the “Missa for Pipes, Phones, Voices & Drums” by and with Peter Schindler and the trio “Pipes and Phones”.

2005: Bizet to Broadway

The GACC presented Broadway songs in the concert hall Frankfurt-Bornheim. Piano: Jim Schar. Director: Linda Horowitz. 

2004: Klangwelten

The GACC presented songs from Bach to BIlly Joel with the orchestra of the Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt at the Frauenfriedenskirche, Frankfurt. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2004: Anything Goes

The GACC presented a short history of American Music in Frankfurt-Bornheim. Piano: Tibor Stettin. Director: Jim Schar.

2003: Carmina Burana & Caribbean Mass

The GACC performed this concert for the TV broadcasting stations of the Hessischer Rundfunk. The Caribbean Mass by Glenn McClure is a concert mass with music adapted in part from Latin American folk melodies. The text is based in part on the writings of St. Francis of Assisi. The performance of the piece was a European premiere.

2003: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The GACC presented a requiem of spirituals. Soloist: Karis Wiebe. Piano: Carsten Rupp. Organ: Udo Zimmermann. Director: Jim Schar.

2002: Chorwerke der Romantik

In collaboration with the Frauenchor der Frankfurter Singakademie the GACC presented the Mass in D major by Schubert and Hör mein Bitten by Mendelsohn. Orchestra: Sinfonieorchester der Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt. Director: Linda Horowitz.

2002: Over the Rainbow

The GACC presented over the rainbow and other film songs at the Bürgerhaus Bornheim in Frankfurt. Director: Jim Schar.

2001: America Sings Classics

The GACC presented Lux Eterna by Lauridsen and 4 Motets by Copland. Orchestra: Sinfonieorchester der Akademie für Tonkunst, Darmstadt. Direction: Jim Schar


2001: Verdi to Vampire

The GACC presented Musik from Operas and Musicals. Soloists: Katherine Waters and members of the GACC. Piano: Jim Schar. Director: Linda Horowitz.

1999: America Swings – to the music of Duke Ellington

The GACC presented music by Duke Ellington in the concert hall Frankfurt-Bornheim. Soloists: Barbara Leah Meyer, Kathrine Waters and the Al Jacobsen Quartett.

1999: Französische Chorwerke

The GACC presented choir works by Faure´, Poulenc, Bizet a.o. Soprano: Cecilia Stearman. Piano: James Schar. Director: Linda Horowitz.

1998: Beethoven – Mozart

For its 25th anniversary the GACC presented the Mass in C major Op. 86 by Beethoven and Veni Sancte Spiritus (KV 47) and Exultate Jubilate (KV 165) by Mozart. Soloists: Annette Luig, Michaela Wehrum, Jochen Elbert, Alfred Reiter. Orchestra: Offenbacher Kammerorchester. Co-repetition: James Schar. Director: Eberhard Friedrich.

1998: America Sings – Mostly Gerschwin

The GACC presented songs by George Gerschwin at the Bürgerhaus, Nordwest Center Frankfurt. Featuring: Barbara Leah Meyer and the Al Jacobson Quartet. Soprano: Kathryn Waters. Bariton: Stefan Grunwald. Piano: Peter Reiter. Director: James Shar.  

1995: The Fairy Queen

The GACC presented Purcell’s “The Fairy Queen”. Soloists: Deborah Lynn Cole, Carrie Stevens, Jill Stacy Gaylord, Tanja Marie Williams, Gunnar Gudbjörnsson, Martin Brunns. Cembalo: Jim Schar. Orchestra: members of the Frankfurter Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. Director: Eberhard Friedrich.

1992: The “Mass” and “Chichester Psalms”

The GACC presented the “Mass” and the “Chichester Psalms” by Bernstein at the Hessische Rundfunk TV station. The performance of the Bernstein Mass is the first ever in Frankfurt and only the 2nd in entire Germany.

The GACC participated in the filming of Bach’s “Johannes Passion” entitled “It would be good if a human would be killed for the people” directed by Hugo Niebeling:

1991: Judas Maccabäus

The GACC performed the oratorium Judas Maccabäus by Georg Friedrich Händel in the broadcasting hall of the Hessische Rundfunk Studios in Frankfurt am Main. 

1989: König David

The GACC presented a performance of Arthur Honegger’s “King David” in the Old Opera House in Frankfurt am Main with members of the Frankfurter Opernhaus- and Museumsorchester as well as the Hessisches Rundfunkorchester. Speaker: Carl-Heinrich Keith, Soloists: Lisa Griffith, Sandra Walker, Scot Weir, Anny Schlemm.

1989: Requiem – W.A. Mozart

The GACC performed the Mozart Requiem at the Frankfurt Central Chapel. Soloists: Yvonne Frazier, Lucy Coleby-Long, Mark Bowman-Hester, Axel Wagner. Director: Linda Horowitz.

1987: The Singing Christmas Tree® on WDR TV

The GACC performed “The Singing Christmas Tree®” in “Bio´s Bahnhof” with Alfred Biolek on WDR TV.

1981: Hofkapellmeister-Messe

The GACC presented Salieri’s “Hofkapellmeister-Messe” conducted by Marcel Seminara.