Choir Voices

Stephanie Schauhoff 

… I’ve been a member of the GACC for 24 years now because I love the wide range of musical styles and always like to get to know something new. In addition, the community is important to me and the participation in the board over many years has been a lot of fun and enriched me personally. In particular the choir tours were the true highlights for me personally! I’m not familiar with any other choir that offers so much ….


Birgit Henkel

“My choir participation began in 1995 with the rehearsals for “A fairy queen” by Henry Purcell, then still a part of the “exotic” US site of the Abram Complex / IG Farben – now campus Westend University. Prior to this I was a vocalist with a small local band in the disco-pop times of the late 70s. Baroque was completely alien to me, but it did have its charm, so I stayed and became a member of the GACC e.V.
What transpired next was the most perplexing thing that has happened in my musical life to this day. From classical to operetta, musical, gospel, jazz, blues, tintinnabuli, ethnic choral singing similar to Enya or Enigma to pop, German hits and the Christmas songs of the famous “Singing Christmas Tree ®”, almost all styles are represented. On top of this the songs are in the most diverse languages: Latin, (old) German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Japanese. The bandwidth in this choir is enormous and always challenging and ultimately enjoyable. As a personal icing on the cake I am even allowed to present myself as a soloist on occasion. Last but not least, the GACC e.V. is also a community of music-loving people in which one can quickly find connections as well as good friends.”


Martin Stoewer

Martin Stoewer, bass / baritone / tenor (depending on the piece or even measure), member since 1997:
Still quite fresh in Frankfurt, I was looking for a church and stumbled over the Trinity Lutheran Church, where I sang in the choir. While there someone asked me if I would like to participate in the GACC e.V. and I said yes immediately.
My first concert was “America Sings”, a colorful mix of well-known and rather unusual spiritual pieces. Since then, I have sung a long series of concerts from classical to jazz, gospel, musicals and film songs to the “Singing Christmas Tree ®” with the choir, and I was always able to perform as a soloist.
2007 was the biggest challenge for me: In “H.M.S. Pinafore” I played and sang “Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B.”. However, being in a wheelchair was not part of the choreography – I broke my foot a few weeks before the performance. But it has always been great fun.
The choir is more than just singing – Not only have I found many friends but also met my wife here!
My motto: GACC e.V. – the best thing that can happen to a choir singer!