Choir Activities

In addition to the rehearsals and the preparation of the concerts, the choir offers many opportunities to make new personal contacts, to volunteer or to do something together in the free time:


In spring and autumn regular choir retreat weekends take place and serve as an intensive preparation phase for the next concert. Participation in the retreats is a pre-requisite for anyone who would like to continue on to sing in the public concert events. The weekend retreats are normally held in the family retreat town “Dorfweil im Taunus”. (link to retreat page)


Get together after the concerts:

After the concerts, the social committee usually reserves seats in a restaurant for a cozy get-together. The interest in participation is requested in advance, friends and relatives are welcome, and a binding reservation is required.


The first rehearsal after a concert is usually rehearsed until the break, and is typically followed by a “bring party”.  Everyone brings a little something to eat and / or drink for the buffet and we sit with delicious food and spend a bit of time together mingling.


Free time activities:

At irregular intervals, the social committee organizes joint ventures (for example, opera, concert or film visits, etc.) to which one can register.



For the good organization and preparation of our concerts as well as the administration of the choir and the organization of the additional choral activities, we depend on the support of as many choir members as possible. We have a clear organizational structure, we work in teams and the individual tasks are clearly defined – from large to small – so that everyone can contribute according to their time available. More details can be found -> here (link to choral organization).


Choir Travel:

choir tours are organized at irregular intervals. These are joint projects with other choirs and / or composers with whom we give concerts together.

1999 the GACC first appeared abroad at the invitation of the American Church in Paris. There were “French choral works” listed.

2005 the GACC listed the “Caribbean Mass” of McClure in Siena.

2007 the GACC was guest in Vietnam (Hanoi and Saigon). Here the choir opened the German culture weeks at the invitation of the Goethe-Institut together with a choir and orchestra from Hanoi and presented “Die Schöpfung” by Haydn.




2010 the choir traveled to Bangkok. There they performed together with the Orpheus Choir of Bangkok under the musical direction of Somtow Sucharitkul Rossini’s “Petit Fair Solennelle”.




2016 the GACC gave a Christmas concert at the “Frankfurt German Christmas Market” in Birmingham, UK





In October 2019, the GACC, in collaboration with the conductor Kushtrim Gashi and the Kosovo Youth Orchestra (KYO), performed two concerts in Kosovo in the historic city of Prizren and the Pristina capital of Kosovo. As early as 2017, the GACC had experienced Kushtrim Gashi with the piece Misatango by Martin Palmeri as guest conductor. From this successful collaboration came the idea of a concert tour of the choir in the home of Kushtrim Gashi and a joint project with the award-winning KYO. The aim of the KYO concerts is the interaction between young musicians from Kosovo and abroad. A goal that fits in perfectly with the motto of the GACC and that the choir therefore wanted to actively support.