Interested in Singing with us?

… .we are always happy to welcome new singers who, in addition to the joy of singing, also bring with them experience and / or talent. We wish for members who are cosmopolitan and sociable and who are interested in musical diversity.

Since we are not a project choir and have a gratifyingly low membership turnover, we are seeking members who have a certain degree of commitment and who are looking for a longer-term musical home and who are, if necessary, willing to contribute beyond the standard requirements of a typical choir.

To get to know you we suggest that you first participate in some rehearsals. Since we have achieved a high quality over the years that we wish to maintain the next step is an audition which takes place at the musical direction after 3-4 completed rehearsals, at which a final decision is met for admission to the choir.

Our rehearsals take place in the community hall of the Frauenfriedenskirche, Zeppelinallee 101 in Frankfurt-Bockenheim, every Tuesday from 7:30 pm till 10 pm. The best time to get into the choir is always after a concert, when we begin with a new program.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail:

info (at)

Alternatively, you can use the following “Contact GACC” Link to send us a your message or request.

If you are already a GACC but have not yet received a Member-Login account for this website, please send us an Email or use the same “Contact GACC” Form to let us know so that an admin can set up your account.

We look forward to seeing you !